The most advanced home security camera ever created

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I lead the round in Butterfleye. My basic thinking: 1. Dropcam was a huge success and great product, but sold too soon ($500m would have been $5b two years later) 2. putting a computer, storage and a huge battery (six iphone batteries!!!) into a security camera like Butterfleye has done will create a massive new set of use cases including: ---> a) take the Butterfleye with you from room-to-room, to the park, use on your dashboard ---> b) use the computer in the camera to recognize faces and send smart alerts ---> c) have unlimited storage by plugging in your dropbox, Google drive, etc. ---> d) if you wifi and power go out at home (when really) you are still recording.... for 24+ hours! power comes back, it syncs back up. This is an amazing startup by a GREAT founder. Really hope everyone takes a moment to buy one or two cameras and support their vision. Hardware is so hard and they are getting it done! I will pick five random people who buy a camera and take them to lunch at the Battery with me!
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@jason Amazing find. Looks like the Indiegogo campaign is absolutely killing it too
@jason Dropcam is a total pain in the ***. Laggy updates (can't be relied on for live feed) and a dependency on their cloud UI/UX to access my data are major pain points. Their new Nest Home is a step back in user experience. If you ever tried to download video from the new interface you know what I mean. Are mentioned pain points solved in Butterfleye?
Does it support infrared for dark/nighttime filming?
This looks great, we have some distributed team members, we'd love to have a livestream between us and them on our TV at work, would Butterfleye work for this?
@arush @jason +1 on this query! Could we use this for club fitouts for @chewofficial live streams?
@arush Yes. It can be used for live streaming between offices. You can enable/disable Audio as well. The videos will stream to the App on your smartphone then you can airplay (or manually connected to a TV). Resolution is F-HD (1920x1080).
@fatkidonfire Yes. Absolutely we can use it like this application. @Butterfleyecam also a team offshore (as well as manufacturing in Asia) and we use our own cameras to keep in touch with everyone
Their execution has been very seamless for a hardware product. Impressive.
@meshlakhani Thank you for kind words! 100% of the credit goes to the team. I have been very fortunate to be part of it! Please support us and order a unit!
Saw these guys at Runway yesterday. Amazing product.
@dwaynesamuels buy one and support the team!