Google's Nest meets Dropcam

TL;DR - We have taken cords out of the picture, made the camera insanely smart, and offered key wins vs. Dropcam for the best monitoring experience ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi everyone. I’m the founder of Butterfleye. We’re excited to be on Product Hunt. Happy to answer any questions. I thought to give a quick summary of how we are different than many of the existing solutions in the market. Here are four areas: 1. ActiveEye - Our "special sauce" smart-sensing platform comprised of sensors and video analytics that represents a step-change in the intersection of home "security." We don't like that word, and you shouldn't either - it's monitoring the things you love. How this manifests in your daily life: -- Butterfleye will recognize specifically you coming home and will shut down to give you privacy. -- It recognizes humans and it can also recognize pets. -- It recognizes the living room is empty for 7-hours a day and doesn't stream high bandwidth video. 2. Cordless. This started because I wanted to setup a camera in my garage, but realized that there was no easy access to power. 3. On-Board Memory: There is a common problem with wireless signals going in and out for camera streaming applications. That’s why we designed Butterfleye with a smart algorithm that senses signal strength and makes a decision whether to stream or store locally. --> vs. Dropcam: We love what the team has done at Dropcam, but we took it one step further - instead of a Cloud-Video recording "subscription" we give you 24 hours rolling video recording in the cloud for free. That way there are no surprises when a bait-and-switch "recording in the cloud" expires - that is yours for the life of the device. 4. We offer GoPro "like" video quality. GoPro is doing amazing work, pushing 4K, etc. We are not there today. But our video quality will be on the higher end of what's available in the monitoring camera space. Our resolution is Full-HD and we put a big lens in the front to have high quality in the low-light/indoor applications.
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@Chikodi :) loving it and trying to be responsive to all the questions/comments!
I'm a huge fan of this product and the team..... but that's all I can say right now. :-)
@jason @bennader_ back at you Jason, and we really have felt the love this week - thank you all from the bottom of my marketing heart.
Good hunt, @blendahTom. I'm excited to see how @a_moudry & team will launch this thing.
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I see that this is pre-order but looks pretty far along. Let's see if @BenNader_ or @bennader2 will jump in and answer some questions.
@BlendahTom @BenNader_ @bennader2 Our CEO is responding to all questions so hang tight! In the interim, if interested in updates from us pls check http://eepurl.com/4utM9 for our email list. We are quite far along and well past proof of concept - looking forward to getting Butterfleyes to our preorders front-half of 2015