US-based Bitcoin market. Buy, sell & trade Bitcoin for free.

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This looks AWESOME!
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Anuj Adhiya
Engagement/Analytics at GrowthHackers
Added to my ever-growing collection on Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies: http://www.producthunt.com/AnujA...
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Kevin Rose
Builder of internet things.
Excited to be a backer of Buttercoin, US based bitcoin Market!  Buy, sell, and trade bitcoin for free. You can buy / sell and place advanced orders like setting buy orders to execute when the price drops, or sell orders to execute when the price increases. The founders Cedric & Bennett are open to questions, comments and love, so post your feedback and the guys will reply.
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Ryan Mickle
YC alum, Products, Silicon Valley HBO S3
Was making my first trades over the weekend. Really slick work guys!
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People In Motion
Co-founder, Buttercoin
Hello everyone, 18 months ago we started Buttercoin to create a safe and reliable alternative to overseas bitcoin exchanges. We had no idea it would take more than a year to put all the pieces together and integrate with the US financial system (tl;dr, it's not easy) but it's been worthwhile. With Buttercoin you can buy and sell bitcoin direct from the community, this lets you skip middle men who inflate bitcoin prices, like bitcoin wallets. You can also do more advanced orders like setting price floors to buy when the price drops and ceilings to sell when the price rises. Our goal is to build a beautiful bitcoin buy / sell experience that's functional, intuitive, and elegant, something we haven't seen much of in the bitcoin space. We hope you like it. Check out Buttercoin, tell us what we can improve and what you love.
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