Scheduling that doesn't suck

get it

Scheduling kinda sucks. You send 1 to 5 emails back and forth. You waste a good 3-5 mins.

Meet Buttercal.

Buttercal let's you send a set of time slots to person B, depending on that given meeting, or whatever your mood is for the day. There is no back and forth. Person B gets to make a choice and everything is good to go! 😊


  • Pros: 

    I can choose the times that I make available when I send the person my calendar to schedule


    I have multiple calendars, not sure if that's supported.

    I loved this feature when it was in the sunsrise (?) calendar. I've been waiting for someone to release a calendar with this. I just use Butter for scheduling... it's simple.

    Mike Sabat has used this product for one week.
  • Pros: 

    easy to use and clean


    cant think of any

    Just like Sunrise Calendar but better!

    Benjamin Pappas has used this product for one week.


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Zach Van NessMakerHiring@zachvanness · Breuer @ Breue
Hey ProductHunt! I was a huge fan of the Sunrise Calendar Meet function. I loved it and used it for everything. I was kinda bummed out when they finally closed shop. When they finally pulled it down, I was thinking a good replacement would come about at some point. I’ve tried a bunch of stuff. Other solutions either felt too clunky or just didn’t feel right. So I kinda put Buttercal together as a weekend hack, so I could have something for myself, to make scheduling meetings super easy, something that feels like i’m still using Sunrise. So far, I love it! :) It’s pretty basic right now. If more people find it useful, I plan on adding some other simple things to make the experience even better :))) -Zach
Benjamin Pappas@pappas310 · theLab.io
@zachvanness thanks so much for this. I was a die hard fan of Sunrise. This is amazing!
Zach Van NessMakerHiring@zachvanness · Breuer @ Breue
@pappas310 Thanks man! That means a lot to me! :)))
Miguel Ramirez@_miguelramirez_ · CEO of HMA & Ado Supply | Entrepreneur
@zachvanness Looks Amazing to me but... is it completely free?
Desmond Duggan@desmondduggan2
Yes! I've missed this since the Sunrise feature that did this went away. Zach, you should make this a ios keyboard extension 😁
Zach Van NessMakerHiring@zachvanness · Breuer @ Breue
@desmondduggan2 Hey Desmond! You are very right! That's basically the next item on the dev roadmap! :)))
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Research Intern & Tech Evangelist
Looks great !! Will try it out 😊
Zach Van NessMakerHiring@zachvanness · Breuer @ Breue
@ayush_chandra Thanks for the kind words man! :)
Konrad Holubek@konradholubek · Entrepreneur | Business Developer
Fiiiiiinnnnnaaaaaallllyyyy ! Thanks Zach !
Zach Van NessMakerHiring@zachvanness · Breuer @ Breue
@konradholubek You sir just made my day! :)))))))))
bryan s arnold@bryansarnold
Zach, well done. It may need some work on how it's displayed on mobile. Otherwise, it's pretty much seamless. Definitely something I'll use in the future. Great work!
Zach Van NessMakerHiring@zachvanness · Breuer @ Breue
@bryansarnold Thank you sir! This really means a lot to me man! :) 2 of the next things that are on the pipeline are a better mobile version and an iOS keyboard extension :)))