Subscriptions are convenient, managing them is not. Butter make it easy by bringing together all your subscriptions into one place, tracking your spending and paying you cash rewards.

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Cash back is nice too


Really nice way to keep on top of subsc


I’ve had to reconnect my accounts again, but that was on Yodlee

I signed up for this for one reason- I have an RBC credit card so Butter (an RBC entity and presumably a skunkworks project run out of 2 Bloor St in Toronto) can collect consumer purchasing data from their own credit card. However, the model is intriguing- pay users pennies on the dollar (only if it's a subscription dollar) to gain access to every line item on your various credit card statements. That's not a price of admission I'm willing to pay for cashback offers.
When are you planning on releasing this for US and the rest of the world, @derekszeto?
@amrith We are trying to get that out to the US ASAP :) Next month or two... maybe with this Hunt we'll have to do it sooner.
@derekszeto what about Australia?
@jarrod For Australia, you could look at the app Bobby that launched recently on Product Hunt. I thought it would be nice to have but being able to track monthly SaaS expenses helps for planning and knowing which systems to keep.
@richp_ Just tried it. What a fantastic app! Thank you :)
Haven't been able to get it to work yet. Keep getting the message 'Our robots have stopped working :( We apologize for the inconvenience.' Been weeks getting this message.
@coconidodev Definitely will be US next, but would love to go beyond that. No timing and not yet working on it though to be honest.