Your team has Q’s, Butter.ai has A’s.


Butter.ai is an app in Slack that helps you find any document, no matter where it lives. Just connect your work apps and ask Butter.ai a question. It’ll search everything you have access to and return the most relevant results personalized for you.

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Jeremy Vandehey
Veronica Belmont
Dylan Marriott
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  • Veronica Belmont
    Veronica BelmontPM and Evangelist at Adobe Spark

    Very easy to use! Finds the right files when I need them.


    Haven't needed to try any alternatives!

    I've been using Butter for many months now, and their team has done an amazing job taking feedback and integrating it into the product. It's great to have a centralized way to find all my files across all my (many) services!

    Veronica Belmont has used this product for one year.
  • Jeremy Brand Yuan
    Jeremy Brand YuanProduct Marketing & Communications

    Aggregates cloud services and is super easy to use


    Not all work apps integrated yet. Would love it to search my downloads folder too.

    Several times a day I have these brain fart moments where I'm looking for some work document and need to grope around my Google Drive(s!), Evernote, and Dropbox to find it. Now, I just ping Butter on Slack and it does that for me, without the blind mindless searching from one service to another. It's great.

    Jeremy Brand Yuan has used this product for one month.
  • Nathan Doctor
    Nathan DoctorCEO, Qualified.io & Codewars.com

    Effortless, integrated experience. It's seamless.


    We need to get the whole company on it!

    We piloted the product and had a seamless experience.

    Nathan Doctor has used this product for one month.
  • Dmitry Stavisky
    Dmitry StaviskyCEO@Edwin, former Evernote, Lingualeo…

    It enables teams to work smarter


    Where are the croissants?

    More connectors and more data to learn from will make it better over time.

    Dmitry Stavisky has used this product for one month.