100% Grass fed beef delivered to your door monthly

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I'd like to sign up, but wish I could see prices before having to give out my email address.
@crixlet its $129 a month. Gotta improve our signup flow for sure!
Great idea. Didn't mind providing my email address as this is something I can see myself subscribing to. But $129 is a bit high for me as a monthly subscription and as a initial starter package to sample the quality. Any hopes in having a trial tier or a lower monthly fee subscription?
@iconsam That's a good idea! We will explore that as an option.
Glad to see this off the ground. Heard @mikesalguero pitch this idea when he guest lectured in a class I took at Gordon College a few months back. Glad to see you settled on the name! ;) Great idea...best of luck.
I may have a different opinion than most, but for me the quality of the meat (marbling, taste) is more important than it being "100% Grass Fed". I have plenty of trouble finding high quality (again, in a culinary sense) meat economically, I would love alternative options which focused on that.
@zackbloom 100% grass-fed tastes great too! The staff at Today ran a cook-off to blind taste test ButcherBox 100% grass-fed beef vs. conventional beef and found that it was a "no contest", ButcherBox beef was the clear winner! Read the full article at this link: on.today.com/1VSvMhK
@butcherbox @zackbloom I really don't care about any of the four issues mentioned as advantages of grassfed beef in that post. I've never gotten sick eating store bought beef, for example, so the argument that there are less bugs in Grassfed beef doesn't mean much to me. In the picture it's very clear that the store bought meat was cooked considerably more than the Grassfed option. I'm not saying your beef isn't of a higher quality than the average supermarket steak, I'm just pointing out the 'quality' I care about is taste and marbling, not 'health'.
Awesome idea - will definitely be a customer in the future