100% Grass fed beef delivered to your door monthly

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ButcherBox is the intersection of convenience, great taste, and food that you can feel good about eating. Thanks for posting about us, our Kickstarter was a big success yesterday, and we are excited for all the people who are going to try our service!
@mikesalguero we are supportive here at The Grommet. Good Luck with it!
Huge fan of the grassfed, clean meat movement. And of course, Mike. Great idea.
So excited for meat. Once the Kickstarter finishes, will you be offering monthly subscriptions?
@timobrien, absolutely.. everyone who joins kickstarter will be given the opportunity (but not obligation) to get in on a monthly subscription. AND if we hit 100K, we are going to do the leg work to also open up chicken and/or pork, so you can get a mixed box!
@mikesalguero and team have crushed it with this new service! Can't wait for him to jump in here to discuss.