Explore Paris 🇫🇷🥖 with the help of the public bus system

Hi there 👋 Our team is from Paris and we want to improve and simplify the exploration of big cities! We are convinced that the future of tourism 📸 resides in the capacity of mobile applications to organize visits in space and time. We aim to participate in this transformation by promoting that which makes up the soul of a city (museums, restaurants, street-art, activities, etc.), with the help of local residents and the use of the city’s public bus system 🚌. We offer a geo-localized 📍 mobile guide optimizing itineraries by using city buses to visit the city and as the principal means of transport. The immersive aspect is attained through audio blurbs (about 30 sec. each), recorded by locals + accompanying routes which alternate between bus rides, short walks, and visits, for quick and diversified tours. First test city = Paris 🇫🇷😍 We’d love to hear your feedback! Gros Bisous 💋
Love the interface. Definitely using this next time I'm in Paris
@kyunbit Thanks Angik, see you in Paris then! 😊
Great Idea! Super useful when family comes to Paris!
Awesome Idea ! The bus system is so unpopular, this could be a reason to use it !