Our tool allows the user to select their favorite name out of thousands of suggested names of their respective keywords and all that in just 3 seconds.
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Just make a keyword list and paste your name before them all. Just that. Not useful...
@fersat Thanks for your feedback :)
Hey everyone, 😎 For a long time, we have been associated with online communities where we address the concerns of aspiring eCommerce entrepreneurs and online startups queries. 🤠 The most common problem we came across is regarding with the name of online business. Many newbies face this issue while finalizing the name of their business based on their niche and theme. 😵 This encourages us to come up with this tool where newbie eCommerce entrepreneur only need to select the primary keyword as per their niche, get hundreds of business name suggestions in less than three seconds and start their Shopify store right away with the selected name. 🕵 Here is how it works: 🤓 1) Go to business name generator and write the primary keyword that you want in the name. ⌨ 2) Scroll through and select the best name for your business. 🖱 3) Pick the name you preferred and start your Shopify store in just click. 🤩 I hope the brainstorming works would become much easier with the assistance of this tool. 😍 If you have any further queries let us know in the comment section below and we will help you out 😃
Honestly, the video is a bit funny :D The woman seems a bit depressed or bored, both voice and character. Sometimes it's better off to not have a video at all.
@owenfar1 haha :D Thanks for your feedback :)
Helped my nephew decide the name for his youtube channel. :D Nice and simple. I like it.
@must4faa haha glad to know that :D Thanks for your feedback :)
"Business Name Should Define What your Business Does." ^^ This is bad advice.
@mickc79 thanks for your feedback :)