Bushlark 2.0

Real time local Question, Answer and discovery platfrom

Bushlark will fetch real time local answers that you need. You can ask any kind of question or seek information for a location. Users who are at that location at that time or are local experts(based on their past activity) will answer you with real time answers. Also you can check-in at your favorite places, follow locations to get updates, alerts, tips. Bushlark in short • Ask questions for a location and every question has an expiry • Control what kind of answers you want. Text, picture or live shots. • Answer questions you receive before they expire • Check-in and share on your preferred social network • Follow locations and get updates about local information like check-ins, alerts, tips, etc • Earn badges, coins for questions, answers and check-ins • Become local expert faster by giving most relevant answers. Best answers will get you maximum coins. • Strict reporting and moderation rules. Report any answer/question/check-in/reply/content that you do not like. • Help and get help Let us know what you think about it. PS: As it is a local crowd-sourcing app, this will work best when more people are around you. Currently working well for Indian cities. Soon we will have more users around you and you too can start building the community around you.
Great idea, awesome product!!!
@anand_inamdar Just a beginning. Long way to go even to make a small impact. But thanks for support :)
So Foursquare meets Quora? I can maaaybe see it as a tourism app -supplanting city/attraction info points- but that'd only be the case if you somehow solve the network effect problem here.
@elizabethhunker To an extent yes. You can say "low level" "near real time" quora on map/foursquare. On quora people discuss if global warming is a real thing or a hoax. On Bushlark people ask "Where can i find drinking water fountain in central park?" So most questions are low level questions which ideally are easy to respond quickly. Network effect is the biggest problem to solve, which we have done to an extent for some cities of India. People are using it to get recommendations for restaurant,doctor,shopping etc Few even sold their old goods and one person got lead for a blood donor. But we wish to go beyond travel/food use cases and make it a primary local discovery/information retrieval platform with Q&A being one part of it.
Very interesting Q&A product which is very effective for a local shoutout.
@sinsutra Thanks Sameer!!