Chat with people you disagree with

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Burst is an app that connects you to people outside your social filter bubble.


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Erick Barron@erickbarron86 · Webmaster
I'm not grammar expert but I believe it should be "Chat with people you disagree with" 🤓
Arun Sathiya@arunsathiya · Happiness Engineer, Automattic
@erickbarron86 I guess you're right there. ;)
MarawanMaker@marawan_1997 · Cofounder @ Burst
@erickbarron86 you're right hahaha I'll be updating that. Thanks. (I triple checked my reply for grammar issues 😉) EDIT: I updated it now
Niv DrorHiring@nivo0o0 · VC at Shrug Capital
@erickbarron86 updated ✅
Peter Feytser@peter_feytser
@erickbarron86 Chat with people with whom you disagree
Peter Feytser@peter_feytser
@erickbarron86 sounds dumb (and shouldn't be used) but follows the 'don't end with a preposition rule'
Janva@janva255 · I love being creative
This is a really good idea but sometimes talking to fanatic people is like talking to a wall. By the way, congratulations on the release!
MarawanMaker@marawan_1997 · Cofounder @ Burst
@janva255 thanks! Yeah but my guess is fanatic people won't go through the effort of downloading it. Hopefully it'll have more open-minded people than not. For now you can terminate chats. Let me know if you have any suggestions 😄
Jordan Rohrlich@jordan_rohrlich · 😵
This is an incredibly powerful idea, and I like the playful feel of the app (makes it feel more like a chat then a confrontation). Really stunning job, guys!! Would love to give better feedback, but y'all gotta show Android some love 😁😁😁
MarawanMaker@marawan_1997 · Cofounder @ Burst
@jordan_rohrlich thanks a lot man this means a lot to us 😁 we’d love to give Android some love trust me hahaha we already started work on the Android version and I’ll let you know as soon as it’s out! 🚀
Ariel JalaliHiring@arieljalali · Co-founder, Sensay | @sensay
This reminds me of the Monty Python where a man goes in to buy an argument 😄 But seriously, I love all chat products and at a timelike this we've never needed to embrace diverse viewpoints and human discourse more 👍
MarawanMaker@marawan_1997 · Cofounder @ Burst
@arieljalali haha yeah I watched that today and it cracked me up 😆 thanks!
MarawanMaker@marawan_1997 · Cofounder @ Burst
Hi, I'm Marawan, co-maker of Burst. Our goal is to build an app that connects you to people outside your social filter bubble. It's important to see both sides of the story from people just like you, and to realise that deep down you have more in common than you expected. We'll be here all day to answer any questions you may have. This is our first big app and any feedback is appreciated. 😄
Arun Sathiya@arunsathiya · Happiness Engineer, Automattic
@marawan_1997 Love this idea! When is it coming to Android?
KarimalsakaMaker@karimalsaka · Co-founder @ Burst
@marawan_1997 @arunsathiya Thanks, Arun. We have a rough Android version but since we're only two people working on this we decided to focus on iOS for the time being. We're planning to start working on the Android version soon though. 🚀
Arun Sathiya@arunsathiya · Happiness Engineer, Automattic
@marawan_1997 @karimalsaka cannot wait to see it!