A beautiful UI that provides you detailed twitter analytics.

burrrd. is a free tool for everyone, which allows you to analyze Twitter accounts. Just enter a Twitter @handle and click the button, burrrd. will do the rest. Analytics and insights (like common words, hashtags & more) into any public account will be presented to you with a beautiful design after a few seconds. oAuth allows a more detailed result.

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Hello Hunters, I'm very happy to be here! Thanks a lot Henk! This project was inspired by the great "Reddit User Analyser" and especially the comment section over there (https://www.producthunt.com/post...). I really enjoyed the site's overall experience and started working on a similar project for Twitter accounts. burrrd. was born. Just enter any public Twitter handle and enjoy your stay! Any kind of feedback or suggestions are greatly appreciated and maybe your idea will be the next feature I work on!
@padannewitz super cool! fun playing around with it :)
Looks really nice and neat. Yet, don't really understand what the circle part under Most Popular Tweet and Text Complexity stand for.
@aramiggs Thanks for visiting and your feedback, glad you like it! The "radar" - as I would call it - stands for connected users. It's analyzing @mentions. If I mentioned @producthunt, @dribbble and @google around 100 times in my Tweets and some other users like 40 times, ProductHunt, dribbble and Google will appear on the first circle. People I mentioned less often will appear on the second circle and so on. I hope you get the point!
@padannewitz @mentions @producthunt @dribbble @google got it, thanks a lot for the explanation. I think you should have the same description on the website as well.
@aramiggs You're absolutely right, I just added a heading, thanks!
@padannewitz great job! hope it makes everything more clear :)
Nice UI & cool insights! It would be great to be able to perform another search directly from the results page so as not to have to go back to the home page every time. :)
@itscamelia Thanks, can't describe how proud I am reading all the feedback! Very good suggestion, will be implemented in the near future!
@itscamelia It's done! Now you can scan the next user directly on the analysis page and follow over people, who analyzed over 15 users in a row! :D I also added a share button, because I've seen a lot of people actually posting the URL on Twitter. Let me know if this fits your suggestion!
@padannewitz Ah ! So efficient. Amazing, thank you!! The Twitter share is also a great add ;)
This reminds me a little of Vizify (bought out by Yahoo). Been waiting for something similar to appear.