A beautiful UI that provides you detailed twitter analytics.

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Paul Dannewitz
@padannewitz · Design & Dev (Front- & Backend)
Hello Hunters, I'm very happy to be here! Thanks a lot Henk! This project was inspired by the great "Reddit User Analyser" and especially the comment section over there (https://www.producthunt.com/post...). I really enjoyed the site's overall experience and started working on a similar project for Twitter accounts. burrrd. was born. Just enter any public… See more
Aram Shahinyan
@aramiggs · Art Director at ZOOM GRAPHICS
Looks really nice and neat. Yet, don't really understand what the circle part under Most Popular Tweet and Text Complexity stand for.
Camélia Viallet
@itscamelia · Product Marketing @ Aircall
Nice UI & cool insights! It would be great to be able to perform another search directly from the results page so as not to have to go back to the home page every time. :)
Jeffrey Gomez
@jeffco3 · Digital Marketing at Falcon.io
This reminds me a little of Vizify (bought out by Yahoo). Been waiting for something similar to appear.
Bu Kinoshita
@bukinoshita · Front-end Engineer & UX Lead Designer
That's pretty cool! Easy to use, nice UI and simple! Nice