Burrow's Sleep Kit

Everything you need to sleep comfortably on the sofa

The Sleep Kit is everything you need to sleep comfortably on the sofa, stuffed in a convenient storage bag. There's a memory foam topper, a custom sheet set, a quilted blanket, a pillow and pillow case, and even an eye mask.
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cool idea- easily setting up our couch for guests is a definite pain. The price point is too high for my tastes though :(
@jake_shinder I grew up sleeping on couches (never had my own bed) and honestly I've never had a truly terrible experience. That being said I'm sure there are some nightmare couches out there and setting up for picky guests could be an issue. The price, however, is absurd.
@jake_shinder @chris_germano I have to agree with you guys... I like the idea but $350? What justifies that price tag?...
Cool idea, but nothing of true value for that price.
I think it’s kind of brilliant actually. I live in a small apt w husband and toddler. At least once a week either my husband or I are sleeping on the sleep sofa, which is so uncomfortable and was terribly expensive. This is far cheaper than the incremental cost of buying that sleep sofa, and I have to imagine it is much more comfortable. If I were in the market for a new couch, I would no doubt buy Burrow + the sleep kit.
As someone who had to sleep on a very unpleasant faux-leather couch for a few weeks I can say that the idea is sound, but the offer is not. First of all, there are 2 conflicting use cases: 1) I'm going to sleep on someone's else couch - I don't know the size of the couch - I am going to travel with the bag, so it needs to compress well - I don't want to bring back any critters that currently sleep inside that couch 2) Someone will sleep on my couch - I know the size of the couch - I need to store it on a shelf, so that it unfolds and doesn't look crumpled There should be a choice of material for the sheets. Both cases target different markets, would have different marketing/distribution channels and technology challenges. #2 is easier to solve from the technology point of view - just offer different sizes. #1 would require some clever engineering to make that mattress + sheets fit a variety of sizes. Sheets, pillows and quilts can be drop-shipped from other suppliers. You don't even need to hold them in stock to begin with. I guess the mattress and the bag should be your secret sauce. Good luck guys. Keen to see where it goes.