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Enhance language learners' vocabulary faster and effectively

Mark and save the words you don't understand while surfing the web & The Burning Vocabulary chrome extension will help you learn the meaning and memorize the words effortlessly by associating them with sentence context on events, news, social media, etc.
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Concept was really cool to me. But I downloaded and tried it to learn Japanese, extension kept giving me Spanish translations even after downloading.
@sekou_theanon Thank you for raising this issue. Would you please tell me your browser's language and your setting "native language". That would help me check this issue.
@sekou_theanon Hi, Sekou, the next version will be improved. Thank you again.
I help students to learn new words and I think this app will improve their lives, thank you!
@elizabethru Thank you so much, you encourage me. I also thank the tool, I collected 100 words so far in a half and a month. And now I still memorize words' basic definition collected last month.
Some issues: I'm from VN, my second language is English and I want to know more about English. Therefore, when I find Vietnam in the list, it wasn't there. Also, it doesn't allow me to set English as my second language and set English as the language I would want to study.
one more thing, I don't know how to remove words after I've added them. btw, great app!!
@ductungnguyen Hi, Nguyễn Đức Tùng. Thank you for raising this issue. 1. Next version, It will be improved and add Tiếng Việt. 2. You can remove words you marked. Here is the tutoral:https://burningvocabulary.com/tu.... Enjoy your learning English Good luck.
Hi, I tried to login but the country code fixed wit India so that I couldn't login. How can I get it?
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@new_user_4d93c34de7 Hi, Cheol Thank you for raising this issue. But I don't understand it. Could you please describe it in more detail? Such as below. Current operation: 1. xxx 2. xxx You Want operation: 1. xxx 2. xxx
Hi, all, I am developing the Burning Vocabulary's phone App that collected words could sync to the phone.