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Lots of controversy in the anonymous social space--and for good reason--but some interesting product-level decisions implemented here to try to keep the good and discourage/eliminate the bad.
@noah_l I honestly wasn't expected to read the last sentence of comment, and I think that alone might prove to be problematic. The title *Burn Book* has such a bad image (maybe stigma isn't the right word) associated with it. On top of that, the very *high-school-gossip-is-everything* vibe the branding has kind of has me assume it'll turn off a lot of people from the get-go. Haven't used it yet, so I can't say so for myself. Just first impressions and reaction to your comment. We all know: Nothing good is shared in a burn book hahah.
@imcatnoone agreed with you on the issues associated with the name and issues with bullying in general. i am most interested in some of the features they have implemented to try to stave off bullying--such as exposing your IP address before you post. also, while i don't know whether this is it, or a new app will emerge, but i do believe there is a place for anonymous social, and the search is still out there for how to do this right.
@noah_l I completely agree in that respect. I love knowing they're taking those extra precautions and anon. socialization definitely has a place.
Design looks awful