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My good friends at BurnAlong realized that gym schedules and studio times shouldn't always dictate your fitness routine. They created BurnAlong, an online fitness platform that serves as an extension of your in-person exercise experience. With BurnAlong, you can stream more than 150 yoga, barre, pilates, cardio, strength training, boot camp, kickboxing and restorative classes online, whenever you have time! Even better, you can schedule time to workout with friends in a completely private group setting, which makes accountability a whole lot easier. BurnAlong connects users to their favorite instructors and classes and gives people the opportunity to try something new. If you're struggling to find time to fit in a workout, or just looking for some more motivation, check BurnAlong out. They're adding more and more classes every week and always open to feedback and fresh ideas.
Thanks @ajt . I'm Daniel, one of the co-founders. If anyone has any questions, feedback, or ideas, we'd love to hear them. (You can try BurnAlong free for a month. For people here, we're offering a 50% discount off our annual membership - so that's $60 for an entire year of unlimited access - use code LIGHT17). Thank you all for taking a look!
I love the self and group motivation features in this product! Really innovative and unique offering. Great job BurnAlong!
Great work Dan! Love what you are building and the mission to bring community, accountability, and joy into the workout experience! πŸš΄β€β™€οΈπŸ‘ŒπŸ½
Great idea @Daniel_freedman, congrats on the launch! My wife does workouts in front of the TV using the YouTube app on XBox. What are the main benefits of using BurnAlong?
@followsol Thanks Sol! Two-big differences - bringing you local options and motivation from friends. 1) On BurnAlong there are local gyms and studios from across the country, so you can take classes in person and online (we believe they compliment each other). 2) With us, if you want, you can invite friends (upto 3 others) to join you in private live-streaming sessions, making the experience less lonely and more motivating / social (the benefits of group exercising).