A simplest way to take notes without leaving your browser.

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Whats the big update for v2.0 @minnixio ?? :) btw I loved how honest and open you were last time when you were asked why is Burfi different and unique You wanted it, you built it. I love that
@minnixio .website is the best domain extension. "Is this a website? Oh, it's written right there". No more confusion
@minnixio How did you arrive at this name? Burfi? It's a popular milk based sweet in North India.
A neat feature would be if it synced between browsers.
localstorage and a textarea...
I get nothing when logging in ...
@einavlaviv you simply need to start typing notes! :D
Hi! Although the field is really crowded with large and small players, I like the total simplicity you realize the idea with. Still I would like to get more insights on the functionality. I see that the notes taken down in Burfi are saved in history if the user closes and then opens the browser again. Is it saved for long? Perhaps adding some synchronization with other services like GoogleDocs or sharing to social networks like Twitter could add the service even more value. And BTW the name for the product is really tasty, it sounds friendly, simple and memorable. Good luck!