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Automate your own banking

Build your own banking experience 🌈
βœ“ Enjoy full API access to your bank account
βœ“ Easily manage apps & API credentials
βœ“ Create test users in a click
βœ“ Submit apps to our app marketplace
βœ“ Login by scanning a QR code
βœ“ Enjoy sandbox access with a dev account
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Hi Hunters, I’m Lexy from bunq. We break through banking and give people total control over their money. ✨ More than 5 years ago, we launched the first really open banking API so anyone could automate their payments and savings, the way they want or need to. Inspired by our users and having grown the list of what you can do with your bank account programmatically to over 200 operations, we are back! We are excited to present bunq Developer, a place where you can find everything you need to automate banking for yourself ⚑, build apps for everyone πŸ†, and even market fintech apps to the world 🌍! With bunq Developer, you can: βœ… Enjoy full API access to your bank account: payments, savings, cards, attachments… everything is programmable βœ… Easily find and copy API credentials βœ… Generate test users and find all the credentials you need for testing in one click βœ… Share your apps with the bunq users βœ… Login by scanning a QR code βœ… Try out our API with a free developer account We hope to set a positive standard of developer experience in the world of banking. πŸ™Your feedback is welcome!
nice so easy to create new users!
been a long-time bunq user now, really glad to see API develop above and beyond my expectations!