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Hey OP, Thanks for hunting us. When we started BucketNotes(recently abbreviated to Buno), the main purpose was to make note taking beautiful and intuitive; because its always been that way. So we are here to redefine it for us and everyone else that think note taking can and should not be messy and cluttered. Being a Designer, I worked on a very minimal interface that will help you focus on taking notes with minimum distractions accompanied by beautiful Typography and Layout. We made it easy to organize your thoughts seamlessly by using our systematic bucket technique. And a real-time word count for writers to keep a track of their progress. Apart from design, our next focus was mainly on security due to the sensitive information a user can save on our app. We took upmost care in developing an advanced encryption system that protects your notes on server side incase of any unauthorised access. We also build a clean 4-digit password protection that can be activated from the Settings tab. Buno was created with a goal to make buttons redundant so we developed a gesture based UI that helps you take notes with just one swipe to start and save your thoughts. Buno syncs seamlessly with Android, iOS and Web App(coming soon). Take note on one device and continue editing on another device.
@jayantrao Can you describe your differentiators from the existing minimalist note apps that are available, like iA Writer?
@evanthomaspaul Hey Evan, to brief it in three words - Design, Typography and Layout 1. When we developed Buno, we made sure that we use cleaner sans serifs. It's much easier to read and type. 2. We wanted to provide the basic features for free. 3. With increasing size of phone screens, we thought of a gesture based interface that makes it faster to take a quick note. We wanted to make buttons redundant for a task as simple as taking notes because we feel gesture is the future. Lastly, this started as a passion project to make something that we felt we needed for our personal use. But then we felt like sharing it with the world.
I really like the minimal design and intuitive interface. I was in the market for an Evernote replacement, and Buno looks very promising. Can't wait for the web app to be released! Do you have any plans to add tags to notes?
@jckyeh Thank you for your kind words Jack. 😄 We have worked really hard on making the interface as intuitive as possible. We have developed the bucket system which works similar to tags/folders. Web app will come soon 😉
Interesting. I'm intrigued :) Whats the monetization scheme? I'm worried about getting data into another app that's not around 6m from now...
@mbjones Right now we haven't baked any monetization into the app. In the future we are looking at premium-esque features. As an example I would say extra syncing facilities such as Dropbox and Google Drive backup. But rest assured we are not looking forward to a ad-based model or a feature limiting model! We also sync and encrypt all the notes on our server and plan to keep that as an unlimited free service forever
I like minimalism. Very nice app.
@sofocles thanks for hunting us!
Beautiful app! Sort of just what I was looking for as an Evernote replacement. Definitely hope there's a good monetization model too. I'd love to give you some money to keep it going. I hate getting the dreaded e-mail that a service or app is closing. Keep it up!
@iamjmw Thanks a lot for the love , looking into various models for monetization soon- give us a shout out if there's something interesting you want to see in the app soon!