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Awesome tool to create beautiful HTML5 presentation ! PS: @rrhoover, @EdouardPetit is the CMO & Co-founder of Bunkr and will be happy to answer questions ;)
Hi all! I'm CMO & co-founder of Bunkr. Bunkr is a French Product, the founders' team worked in advertising agencies and we lost to much time to create presentation with Powerpoint. Today we'll change that with Bunkr ! ;) Feel free to ask me questions about Bunkr.
Welcome, @EdouardPetit! Congrats on reaching 50k users. Impressive. We've seen several presentation-making products claiming to kill Powerpoint (it's a popular goal!). One of my personal favorites (although not made for every use case), is Sketch Deck (http://www.sketch-deck.com, http://producthunt.co/posts/1358) which literally takes your sketches and turns it into a presentation. Where do you see Bunkr positioned in the market and unique?
Ironically, I just noticed http://main.is and you have the same hero photo. :)
@rrhoover yes kill Powerpoint is a popular goal, maybe because it is a real issue ;) I know Sketch-Deck, it's a great idea to solve this problem. But it's a manual solution and it's not scalable. Bunkr is positioning on the market via the connection of any API. Our goal is to simplify presentation creation by using content and data that you already have in your favorites applications (Evernote, Dropbox, Google Analytics, Pocket and so on...). For exemple, a lot of professionals are making presentation to show statistics of their websites or ad campaigns. Today, with any other tools, you have to collect (via export or screenshot) you data from Google Analytics to insert them in your slides. One by one and months after months. The idea with Bunkr is to simply connect your Google Account and drag & drop your statistic charts in your slides. As it is a dynamic HTML5 format which allows you to keep your slides updated without touching it ! This is only one exemple but you can imagine all the other possibilities ;)