Bundy 2

One app to onboard, train & retain your workforce.

Have 5 minutes spare to save over 240 hours & $20,000+ a year? We hope so. Bundy is an all in one app that helps you onboard, train, manage and retain your staff.
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7 Reviews5.0/5
We kept running into the same issues with when trying to stay on top of managing staff in our start-up. We were fed up and we thought others would be having the same issues so we put together Bundy a year ago. 🍻Cheers to the release of Bundy 2!
Very excited!
Can you please provide description about what does this app actually do?
@andrzej_marzec Hey Andrzej - The app provides an easy way to track your add staff, track time and create schedules, whats your email? I can provide you with a full demonstration!
I find it hard to trust anything named after a serial killer 😂
@nickisnoble haha we figured this question would come up! We named bundy after the original time clock inventor - "influential time clock, sometimes described as the first, was invented on November 20, 1888, by Willard Le Grand Bundy"
@e_nueman That is pretty cool, but not the association most people would make off the bat! Thank you for the explanation though!
@nickisnoble @e_nueman Bad branding decision. The most famous Bundy is the killer.
Great tool!
@mintran Thank you Min!