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#5 Product of the DayNovember 03, 2014
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Looks beautiful. I love all the little design details that they put into it. Looks like a product that's made with love.
With lots of love @Jonnotie :-) If anyone have any questions, let's hear it!
Lookin' hot hot hot. I'm really wondering how the team is planning to compete with all the other players with similar products. It seems like there's a lot of competition.
Thanks for your comment and compliment @emieljanson. You're right, lots of competition but at the same time many opportunities. We try to focus more on the total experience of the content. It's only the alpha..
@pimverlaan Focus more on the total experience of the content sounds a little vague to me. Can you explain this in a little more depth or with examples?
Like it! But I can't test it right now? :(
@LiamTjoa Thanks Liam! We launched today the alpha version. You can sign up for the beta now. When we launch the beta version you can make your own bundles.
@tzhongg Correct me if I'm wrong, Gibbon is really about bringing content together and to learn from it. Bundlin has nothing to do with learning. It does indicate that bundling content is popular and maybe necessary seen the amount of content on the internet these days.
@pimverlaan Sure but it overlaps. For example, Bundlin has Learn Swift. I'm not hating on Bundlin at all - it's cool! But just a slightly similar concept to Gibbon.
It reminds me a little of Seth Godin's Squidoo, but more accessible without introducing unusual terminology like Squidoo did ("lens", "lensmasters", etc.) :-)