Bundler Viewing Guide

A simple, comprehensive guide for all TV & streaming

A free, web-based aggregator of streaming and TV listings that provides viewers with one simple interface to search listings, browse personalized recommendations, and launch selected content, within each service's app or website, with a single click. Also helps users make the most of their subscriptions by highlighting new and expiring content.

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Hi All, Please check out our new Viewing Guide, which brings together listings from hundreds of streaming services, apps, and TV providers. You can see all availability for any show or movie and navigate directly to the show/movie page within your preferred service/app. You can browse hand-picked recommendations of noteworthy content within top services (e.g. New on Netflix/HBO/Hulu/Amazon, Expiring Soon, Excellent Documentaries, etc.) and build and share your own lists. We've got a bunch of new features coming (and apps for Roku and iOS/TVOS) so please share your feedback and suggestions! THANK YOU!
@danielornstein rock on - Bundler seems to be a unique & valuable utility for individuals in a space where consumption is getting fragmented across a growing number of content provider services. Individuals tastes don't change that much (in terms of the content they like to watch) - so i love the idea of mapping user's volunteered tastes and matching them with a bundle (i see value on both ends here - for marketers trying to reach an audience and bundlers/content licensers). the service seems to also be comprehensive, covering linear broadcast, SVOD and TVOD etc., which reflects how individuals feel about consuming movies & tv on an increasing number of devices. How does bundler keep tabs on changes in available content (feed, etc.)? What happens when the coverage of bundles changes?