Bundler 2

Easy ZIP sharing for iPhone

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Hi PH! Thanks for checking out Bundler 2. Since we were originally featured here, we've listened to gobs of user feedback, and included the most requested features in this big 2.0 update. Our first release used a proprietary .BNDL format for exported data. The intended use case was phone-to-phone sharing, with Bundler on both ends. This format ensured the app was the sole source and destination for sharing bundles, smoothing over some of the rough edges of file transfer on iOS. However, we received so many requests for ZIP import/export that we made it a tentpole feature of the next release. We had also limited importing of files to one at a time. This proved useful from a technical standpoint, as parsing the data was more straightforward. But it also restricted Bundler's usefulness as a productivity tool, and removing this limitation makes it profoundly easier to get your data into Bundler. Lastly, we learned that monochromatic glyphs were not the best iconography for files. They are harder for the eye to identify, and given their importance for navigation, we made them distinctly colorful in Bundler 2. Thank you for your interest in Bundler. Please reach out to us here or on Twitter with questions and feedback. Cheers, Steve
Hey Product Hunt, We're so happy to share Bundler 2 with all of you. We've made a lot of improvements in the past year. ZIP Import and Export • Save and send ZIP archives (no longer .BNDL) • All parseable files are preserved in local database • Files are easily viewed, renamed, and re-grouped Refined File Intake Process • Add multiple files at once to any bundle • File names are automatically parsed • Support for additional file types Colorful Interface • Find files faster with vibrant iconography • Swipe through content with Quick Look • Rotate to landscape for a wider view We're happy to hear any questions and feedback you might have for us Thanks! -Ethan
This looks great! I'm surprised there's not more upvotes
+1 for Workflow integration
@j3ffr0g3rs That's a great idea, Jeff. Noted!
@j3ffr0g3rs comin soon Jeff!