Zipping and easy sharing come to iOS

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Bundler brings Mac-like zipping and sharing to iOS! Send files or links to Bundler with any standard Share button. (If Bundler does not appear in the middle row of sharing options, tap "More" to enable it.) You can Post files or links to new or existing bundles without switching apps – without losing your place. You can view, edit, and share your bundles inside the Bundler app. Easy as pie. Almost all major filetypes are supported. Please share your feedback. Thanks! Steve, Co-Creator
Hi Steve and Ethan, I was pretty excited to find this app, but must admit I'm a little disappointed. I see two big issues: if I export a bundle (e.g. via AirDrop to my Mac), it's sent as an obscure .bndl file. Now I did rename it as .zip and my Mac was able to unzip it, but why do I have to do that? I'm certainly not going to email .bndl file to someone and ask them to rename it. Secondly, I tried sending a .zip file from my Mac to my iPhone, again I used AirDrop and Bundler was on the list that popped up, so I clicked on it, and nothing happened - the zip was never added to Bundler. Maybe I'm missing the core focus of your app, but if this app requires all parties to have Bundler and be using .bndl files for it to work, well that's not "Mac-like zipping and sharing". Sorry to be negative, I guess I just had high hopes.
@greyham Thanks for the feedback, Graham! Bundler works best with Bundler on both ends. We don't support importing .ZIP files yet, but that's coming soon. We are working on a Mac companion app. We decided to go with our own .BNDL format to encourage the use of Bundler for unzipping to preserve file metadata, but we may support .ZIP exporting if users request it. The next update will also include clearer instructions about how to get started. We appreciate the thoughtful response.
I agree with @greyham, I would have thought this would be great for sharing files from phone to desktop. I could see grabbing a few files from our dropbox in a bundle and emailing them to our customers. Looks like the main use case is phone to phone, which I don't really need in a business setting. Looking forward to .zip files in the future, I'll download it then.
@greyham Thanks for taking the time to write to us, Grant. People seem to want .ZIP export. We're listening. 👍
@astrism @greyham FYI, the newly launched Bundler 2 has full .ZIP support. We hope you give the app another try. Thanks again for your feedback! https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/...
@uffel @greyham Works great! what's up with dropbox just posting links to your bundle, for example I tried sending an image to Bundler from Dropbox's Export menu.
Hi Product Hunters! Bundler is finally out of test flight testing and in the App Store! If you guys have any feedback, questions, or any inquiries please do let us know :) thanks for using our product! - Ethan