Easily organize your photos into a gorgeous shared library

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We've been using Bundle a few months at Yummygum and we're definitely fans. It's a really easy way to share photos amongst a group of people. For example, we've used it to share photos of a team bowling night.
Hi there Product Hunters! We’re really happy and proud to launch Bundle today. Bundle is the fastest way to group and organize photos and create a shared photo collection with the ones you care about. We’re on a mission to make managing, sharing and storing your photos faster, cheaper and more fun. Why? Because the big companies out there don’t really care about your photos. They are caught up in their own world and their innovation has slowed to a crawl. Yes, they have improved their services and lowered prices. But they’ve barely invested anything in offering a simple way to organize, group and enjoy your photos together. We’re not a big company with millions of budget, but an Amsterdam based startup with a 600K investment that loves to create intuitive and beautifully designed products. We would really like to hear your feedback on our iOS and Android app and what we can improve in the next versions. If you have any feedback or ideas, please feel free to reach out to us anytime. For Product Hunters we have a special offer. With Bundle Backup you get unlimited photo storage in full resolution for the price of a latte macchiato ($4 per month). If you upgrade to Bundle Backup in the next thirty days, you get 50% off your first year. That’s $2 per month for one year unlimited photo storage. Go to our website and use the code “producthunt” to claim your discount. Last but not least, have fun using Bundle!
@micheloptlandt Great work, guys! I'm a fan since the beta. Apart from social use, we've been using it to share screenshots of great UI examples within the team.
Love this! We all know the pain of using iCloud 😫 Already added all of my photos and the way it automatically bundled everything is sick!
Congrats to these guys. The beta's kept on getting better each time
I've been a beta tester since I've met you guys at the NL Product Hunt meetup! I <3 the idea! Keep up the good work boys!