Easily organize your photos into a gorgeous shared library

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Michel Op 't Landt
@micheloptlandt · Co-founder at Bundle
@yoavanaki, great question :). There's a couple of sides to this question. First of all, instead of auto-uploading all your photos, Bundle helps you pick only your best shots before storing them in the cloud. From our beta period we learned that that is about 10-20% of the photos you take. We also use duplicate detection to help you pick only the best of se… See more


Vince Schwidder
@vschwid · Co-Founder & Designer, Yummygum
We've been using Bundle a few months at Yummygum and we're definitely fans. It's a really easy way to share photos amongst a group of people. For example, we've used it to share photos of a team bowling night.
Michel Op 't Landt
@micheloptlandt · Co-founder at Bundle
Hi there Product Hunters! We’re really happy and proud to launch Bundle today. Bundle is the fastest way to group and organize photos and create a shared photo collection with the ones you care about. We’re on a mission to make managing, sharing and storing your photos faster, cheaper and more fun. Why? Because the big companies out there don’t really car… See more
Martijn de Kuijper
@mdekuijper · Founder at Revue
Love this! We all know the pain of using iCloud 😫 Already added all of my photos and the way it automatically bundled everything is sick!
Leon Ephraïm
@leonephraim · Senior Designer, Founder @ Yummygum
Congrats to these guys. The beta's kept on getting better each time
Matthijs Otterloo
@matthijs_soest · Formerly @thenextweb, @wetransfer
I've been a beta tester since I've met you guys at the NL Product Hunt meetup! I <3 the idea! Keep up the good work boys!