Invest your spare change into crypto and other assets 💸

Bundil allows you to automatically invest your spare change from everyday purchases into cryptocurrency.

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  • Margie BrinkerVirtual Executive Assistant

    Bundil is a simple way for someone 'new' to the crypto game to jump on board.


    None - For $1 a month (paid yearly) can't pass it up.

    The app offers you the choice of choosing which type of cryptocurrency you would like to purchase - and the ability to switch to another as you move forward.

    Margie Brinker has used this product for one week.
  • Pros: 

    integrated with coinbase, easy passive investing, you can move your crypto as you please


    android app is still in development

    this app is pretty awesome, no complaints

    Jason Caston has used this product for one week.


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Noah BrinkerMaker@noahbrinker · Bundil
Big thanks to @bramk for hunting us! Hey everyone, we’re really excited to launch Bundil on Product Hunt! We created Bundil for a couple main reasons: -For the average person, investing in cryptocurrencies is overwhelming. -Current crypto investors don’t have time to constantly evaluate the market, monitor the prices, and transfer money to the right account to be able to purchase cryptocurrency. Bundil removes the barriers to crypto investing by simply rounding up your purchases and using your spare change to automatically invest into cryptocurrencies for you. Our killer features: -Multiple, intuitive roundup options maximizing your coin gathering -You choose the cryptocurrency you want to buy -Option to snooze the roundups at any time and restart when you're ready to get back in the game -Eventually we will create additional roundup options to contribute to your mortgage, student loans, and businesses/startups We are offering 7 days for free to Product Hunters - try us out on the iOS App Store! https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/... Please do us a favor and send us your feedback, questions, ideas, etc! Thanks!
Brian Roach@anodigital · DJ / Producer @itsBREX
@noahbrinker any plans to add a Dollar Cost Averaging feature like what Crypterval https://crypterval.com/ offers? Seems like the two would be great for each other. :D
Noah BrinkerMaker@noahbrinker · Bundil
@anodigital Hey Brian! Thanks for the tip. If I’m understanding correctly, Bundil functions similar to Dollar Cost Averaging, but we’ll take a look at this!
Vlad Stan@vladstan · Co-founder & CEO of Futuristico
If I use this app, I will own the coins I'm buying, or it will be part of a fund? If I hold them, how can I get private keys?
Noah BrinkerMaker@noahbrinker · Bundil
@vladstan Hey Vlad! Bundil links to your Coinbase account. Your coins will be bought via Coinbase and you will own them and have access to the keys there.
Vlad Stan@vladstan · Co-founder & CEO of Futuristico
@noahbrinker nice. Another question: It looks like now you can do this only if you have a bank account in the US, any plans to launch it in Europe or other parts of the world?
Noah BrinkerMaker@noahbrinker · Bundil
@vladstan Great question - Currently you must have a US based bank account, but we are looking at options to expand that to other parts of the world right now.
Aleksander Skjølsvik@alekplay · I make apps and things
Looks great, and love the fact that it links to your Coinbase account instead of being part of some fund you control - although this does raise the barrier to entry as users must by KYC'd and sign up for Coinbase first which can be a hassle. What are some of the regulatory hurdles you've faced/ are facing surrounding automatically buying crypto for your users - are you able to circumvent most of that by funneling everything (asset management, order processing, etc.) through Coinbase? Does Coinbase charge the user directly?
Noah BrinkerMaker@noahbrinker · Bundil
@alekplay Hey Aleksander, We skipped any regulatory hurdles by using Coinbase for crypto delivery. Coinbase is an extremely secure and trusted exchange, and integrating with their API allows us to use those benefits! Coinbase does charge users small fees for purchasing crypto yes. We balance that out by keeping Bundil's price low.
Aleksander Skjølsvik@alekplay · I make apps and things
@noahbrinker I can’t seem to find any information regarding pricing in the app without fully signing up - what do you charge users?
Noah BrinkerMaker@noahbrinker · Bundil
@alekplay The price is as low as $1/month!
Aleksander Skjølsvik@alekplay · I make apps and things
I meant perhaps you could share some more information surrounding the plans, their limitations, and how they’re implemented. It seems you are not using Apple In-App Purchases for example.
Noah BrinkerMaker@noahbrinker · Bundil
@alekplay Absolutely - There are 2 plans: a yearly plan at $1/month (paid up front) and a monthly plan at $2/month. Since you are already linking your bank account, the payment is easily set up there, or you can choose another payment option if you’d like!
Benjamin Lupton@balupton · Founder, Bevry
Why is this not available on the Australian iTunes Store?
Noah BrinkerMaker@noahbrinker · Bundil
@balupton Hey Benjamin, Currently you need a US based bank account, but right now we are looking at options to expand that to other areas of the world.