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Bunch.ai analyzes the language your team uses on Slack to help you quantify your company culture and understand its impact on business outcomes. You get real-time KPIs and benchmarks for morale, collaboration, freedom of opinion, and more. Try it free today!
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Hey ProductHunt! Our team is excited to introduce Bunch.ai (beta) to you all. It helps you build and maintain a strong company culture, and gives you real-time updates without bombarding employees with surveys. We’ve spent the past 3 years helping leaders build high-performance teams by being intentional about company culture. Most people understand that culture is important, but they don’t have the tools or a mental model to be strategic about it. You know what they say: you can’t manage what you can’t measure. And the best indicators of culture come from how a team communicates. Bunch.ai analyzes the language used in public channels to map words and phrases to cultural characteristics and incorporates some of the latest research in organizational behavior and psychology from Stanford, Harvard, and MIT. We’ve built Bunch.ai with privacy and ethics in mind. To ensure that our technology is used strictly for good, we only analyze content posted in public channels (never private or direct messages), we do not store the actual message content, and we never identify who sent the messages we’ve analyzed. More info here: https://bunch.ai/data-security-faq Don’t hesitate to let us know what you think by sending a message or email to any of us at hey@bunch.ai Thank you for the love! Anthony
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Extremely cool stuff. Can see the value in being able to help teams concentrate on the cultural factors than make a real difference to performance!
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I've been using various things from Bunch since the beginning. This is awesome and keep innovating and developing culture products.
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@james_stephens this is amazing to hear - thank you, James! Let us know if there is anything you are missing in this beta so we can make sure to add it to our roadmap 🙏
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I'm still amazed at how convenient this is. Just a few clicks to get set up and see where the next culture threat comes from *before* it happens and take action.
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