Group video chat for live mobile games

Bunch is the first app that lets you play your favorite games with friends over video chat. Video and audio chat with your friends while playing HQ Trivia, Flappy Lives, and other mobile games.

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Hi everyone! We have been working really hard over the past year on Bunch. And the cat is finally out of the bag! 🐈🙀😻 ---- Bunch is a group video chat application designed for live mobile games. It allows you to group voice/video chat while playing your favorite games like Fortnite, Roblox or Spaceteam with friends. 🎉 Start a party and invite some friends 🕹️ Pick a game you want to play 💬 Then jump into the game, while voice/video chatting with friends! You can also see when your friends are online, or playing a game so you can easily join them. Or browse their profile to see who they game with and what games they play :) If you're on iOS - check out the app and let us know what you think If you're on Android - it's coming very, very soon! ----- In building Bunch, we took inspiration from LAN parties we grew up with. A lot of the fun in playing games like Counter Strike, Starcraft and Age of Empires with friends in the same room; is the live banter and laughter you have with friends. Bunch allows gamers to do that anytime - anywhere, simply using their smartphone or tablet. We are seeing that a lot of younger gamers prefer to the low-friction of playing live games with friends on their smartphones (vs. the large screen of their PCs and Consoles). And we’ve designed the app mostly around this use case. ----- We are so excited to share Bunch with the maker community here on Product Hunt, and hear your feedback! Please chat with us here, or say hello@bunch.live
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@bunch @selcukatli Hm, that`s interesting! :) Thanks for this job!
@bunch @nadezhda_kos thanks for checking it out!
I'm impressed with the Bunch team's execution. I met @selcukatli early on before they had a product built. Truthfully, I was skeptical how smooth of an experience they could create, especially when working with 3rd party titles that had no direct integration. @selcukatli and team, what's the biggest learning so far? Are certain types of games more engaging on the platform than others?
@rrhoover thank you! I've very much enjoyed our early chats :) Some of the most popular games on the platform include Roblox and Fortnite - with whom we don’t have direct integrations. In the meantime, we’ve launched a developer SDK that many awesome games started to integrate (think FaceTime + Game Center). Re: some things we've learned - Our core users turned out to be younger than we thought they would be (13-20 years old); what people would call GenZ Audience - Demographics who play games like Fortnite and Roblox on mobile tend to be almost evenly split between male and female - Games with built in solid social dynamics like Roblox and Fortnite do very well on the platform - People spend almost twice as much time hanging out with friends before and after the games, compared to time spent playing the games - Allowing games to manipulate video chat based on what’s happening in the game (e.g. see your friends when you’re shooting at her) works much better than simple overlays (you can see our Unity Demo in one of the GIFs) Re: Which games work best Really simple games like Mars Dash and Spaceteam do well in terms of number of game sessions; but we see much deeper level of intensity in terms of engagement and time spent for games like Fortnite and Roblox on the app. Looking forward to more of your and the Product Hunt community's feedback!
Great team and great execution! Which games are you most exciting about bringing to the platform?
@aurorakb thanks!! We just announced our integration with Spaceteam (uses our SDK). More games announced soon, but gamers can already play games like Fortnite, Roblox, Minecraft, Creative Destruction, HQ Trivia and more from the app
Love the Bunch app and team. I've had full-on conversations and catch ups with friends on Bunch while playing games (and usually losing).
@brosenblatt4 thanks Bryan, see you on Bunch! :)
I used to love playing casual video games as a kid. Bunch is recreating that living room experience with friends, and making single-player games (like Flappy Birds) much more enjoyable when playing with people. The games usually turn into a group video call after and in-between. Every time I play a game on Bunch it's all smiles and fun experiences 🤗
@nivo0o0 thanks for hunting us!! See you on Bunch :)