Measure, track, and manage culture

Bunch helps high growth companies measure, track, and manage their #1 competitive advantage, their culture.

Bunch measures your existing culture with a 3-min assessment based on Stanford methodology and allows you to set cultural targets, track your progress, and navigate your team’s development and rituals.

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We're so excited to be here! Many thanks to Raz and the ProductHunt team. If you want to learn more about who we are and what we do, head over to our site at bunch.ai, where you can sign up for a free demo! Also, come connect with us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn) where we post updates and share insights about culture!
Hiring is the biggest investment for a company. Walk me through the process of finding a good candidate for hire. How does a company list the criteria for what they are looking for? Lately there has been a huge push from the valley for diversity. How does an algorithm find a good cultural fit, and have a good amount of diversity on the team. Are you including facial recognition into your algorithm? I'm going to have a ton more questions on this! 😱 Very Dope 🚬🚬🚬
Hey @dredurr, you are spot on with your comments and I am very happy about the reference to diversity. The thing is simple and complicated at the same time: basically you wanna be diverse on everything else, aside of the top 2-3 core motives/values/norms/beliefs that you decide should drive your value proposition and are at the core of your business. Basically with Bunch you enable your company to align on: business purpose, culture and hiring. This does not mean at all that all people you hire are the same or that everyone has exactly the same values or that you have a monoculture, since we are not proposing to hire based on personality or other personal attributes (e.g. we're not saying that your team needs to hire all introverts because you have lots of introverts). On the contrary, by shifting focus away from personal and demographic attributes, onto work style preferences and priorities (cultural norms) we enable your team to not focus on previous experiences that much, but more on whats important to the candidate. And assuming that specific socio-demographic groups are associated with a specific set of work style preferences (that is if you think that selecting based on work norms/work style preferences immediately means that you'd prefer a specific group) is actually quite the opposite of what the diversity movement claims for. We'll be def. writing up a pice on this to give more clarity, til then I hope you will find more answers on our FAQ page: https://bunch.ai/faq/ and enjoy our one-pager on the topic here: https://bunch.ai/wp-content/uplo... Looking forward to further exchange of ideas. Darja
@dredurr "there has been a huge push from the valley for diversity" – there has also been a huge push from some in the valley against diversity :D

Since I'm part of the bunch that built Bunch I am very biased, of course, but you guys should def. try it out!


It helps teams to maximize their potential and solve the world's problems faster


Is in beta, still needs smaller refinements here and there