The best way to video message to the 8 people you love most


Eric Friedman
@ericfriedman · Head of Expa Labs
Expa is always experimenting and trying out new things and today I am happy to tell you all about Bunch, a new take on using video to stay in touch with your closest friends. It’s been fun to watch the team behind Bunch test and iterate on the product and get ready to share it with the outside world. Feedback and questions welcomed to this team!
Ben Tossell
@bentossell · Community Lead, Product Hunt
It's like MySpace top 8 all over again! Oh the drama!! Haha. Interesting concept - what is the story here? Theres quite a few apps in the same space Airtime, Booyah and others
Chris Kirk
@cbkirk · Co-Founder @ Chalet
I love that it's top 8. I already jokingly told a friend yesterday after recommending Bunch that I wasn't sure if they would make it into my top 8... Awkward. But fantastic. Great app. Way to go Bunch team!
Mike Slagh
@mslagh · Help tech companies hire veterans
It's super impressive this went from idea to app store in 3 wks. I wonder if you'll go in a direction of being able to create multiple bunches like "work bunch," "family bunch," "play bunch" etc. But for now having fun with Top 8 as a constraint. Nice work!
Justin Thorp
@thorpus · Product Evangelist for AddThis
This has easily become one of my favorite apps.