The best way to video message to the 8 people you love most

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Expa is always experimenting and trying out new things and today I am happy to tell you all about Bunch, a new take on using video to stay in touch with your closest friends. It’s been fun to watch the team behind Bunch test and iterate on the product and get ready to share it with the outside world. Feedback and questions welcomed to this team!
@ericfriedman Thanks for hunting Bunch, Eric!! Much love! Bunch is a really quick, easy, and personal way to connect to the closest people in your life. It's 8 people, sort of the same concept as your speed dial list. Tap and hold to record, release to send. :) I’m loving the experience with my family overseas, and my mum is loving the simplicity of it. Bunch is something we built in just a little over 3 weeks and are really passionate about. Overall I’ve been really humbled by the process and our team’s drive on this and really proud of what we’ve put out there. Thanks again, and we welcome any questions or feedback. Product Hunt is an awesome community.
It's like MySpace top 8 all over again! Oh the drama!! Haha. Interesting concept - what is the story here? Theres quite a few apps in the same space Airtime, Booyah and others
@bentossell here are some more details from their blog: https://blog.getbun.ch/announcin...
@steve_wein thanks! I want the founders to jump in and tell us here :)
@bentossell @steve_wein We're here, we're here :D I'm hoping for @jeffrey_wong to jump in any minute, as he's been a real pioneer of this project on our team. Thanks for your comments and questions :) I can tell you some of the problem set I identify with especially - a need to communicate easily and quickly with people I care about (and let's be real, I simply just don't 'care' about everyone like I do my couple BFFs, parents, brother). It's not just about communicating, it's about feeling close by seeing each other's face and hearing each other's voices. But the major thing - I want to do it on my time! Lots of my Bunch friends live in the UK so time difference is a big barrier for me with other face-to-face apps.
@bentossell hah! Heya, I'm one of the co-founders and designers of Bunch. I'll jump in here real quick. :) First off I wanted to thank our team (Joe, Rudy, Julia, Justin, and Hooman), our beta testers, as well Expa for making this happen. I also wanted to thank the makers of Facetime, Tribe, Snapchat, Tap-a-talk, and Myspace for being our inspiration. I’m a huge fan of their products and I want to make sure I gave them a little hat tip. :) I moved to SF a year ago and I’ve been using several video messaging apps to communicate with my girlfriend, family and friends. I love Facetime because of its simplicity, but I wanted something where you can chat on your own time. I love Tribe because of how fast and experimental it is, but replying is kind of hard in their interface when you have notifications. And Snapchat is the king at messaging, but you lose context when you're having a conversation back and forth from snaps. When we built Bunch, we wanted to focus on solving those problems—and selfishly, some of us really needed a better app to communicate with our close ones. As for the “Top 8”, we were definitely inspired by Myspace—there could probably be a really clever growth hack here... but honestly, we were curious about building an app that did less and focused on communicating with a small handful of people. I feel that we’re bombarded with apps that want to make everything social, and we wanted to turn things on its side and explore making asynchronous video messaging more seamless, personal and fun. Again, thank you for sharing this on Product Hunt! The app was built as an MVP, and we’re hoping that we can gain as many insights as possible.
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@steve_wein Thanks Steve!
I love that it's top 8. I already jokingly told a friend yesterday after recommending Bunch that I wasn't sure if they would make it into my top 8... Awkward. But fantastic. Great app. Way to go Bunch team!
@cbkirk Hahaha thanks Chris for your support!! I have a friend who said the same thing... I was the only person in his Bunch and he STILL considered demoting me!
It's super impressive this went from idea to app store in 3 wks. I wonder if you'll go in a direction of being able to create multiple bunches like "work bunch," "family bunch," "play bunch" etc. But for now having fun with Top 8 as a constraint. Nice work!
@mslagh That's a really cool idea. I like it a lot. Something we're struggling with is people who 'fill up their bunch' hastily to play around with it, see the features etc. and then are left with people they don't actually want to communicate with in their top 8. Thanks!!!
@mslagh I had the same exact feedback playing with the early versions of the app. Very interesting things can happen with this product. Love the #hustle the team has as well!
This has easily become one of my favorite apps.
@thorpus Thanks for all your support Justin. :)