Rule your calendar, don't let your calendar rule you

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Tyler! Thank you so much for sharing on PH. The reasoning behind this is simple: in most organizations (maybe not your scrappiest startup), calendars run the show. You come to work when your calendar tells you to, you eat lunch (if you can) when your calendar allows it, etc. We think the first step is allowing you and your team to create artificial scarcity – if you have 40 hours you can schedule meetings for, you will use all 40 hours. We're rushing to get this functionality out for the public (currently in alpha for a few select teams). After that, we really want to see Bunch grow into your single tool to manage your time and your meetings as a team.
@bud_caddell Can definitely relate (pretty sure 99% of us can ;). Tech isn't great, but Advertising was way worse as an industry with respect to my calendar. Hour-long meetings -____- I'm always curious: is there a specific origin story behind this?
@thetylerhayes Yep. There is. When I was granted the almighty 'S' in 'SVP' at my old ad job I was given an admin to manage my calendar. These jobs always fall to over-qualified young women who are lied to by HR that these roles lead to better gigs. I suggested to our exec team that they spend 1 week managing their own calendars to see how broken we all were – this was not a popular idea.... I'm a big believer that technology doesn't necessarily have to just replace roles – it can allow humans to do the kind of work humans are suited best for, which is not just being a traffic cop for incoming meeting requests.
Bunch is an interesting concept. Link all your team's calendars and set rules: max # of meetings/week, max # of attendees/meeting, max time/meeting. Gain back control over calendaring gone rogue. The more I think about it, the more I wonder why Google hasn't done this with Google Apps. Just seems like a no-brainer. Plus it's made by @bud_caddell. I've been a fan of Bud's work the better part of a decade, he makes and writes great stuff.
Looks killer
this seems like a great concept. I can think of many companies that could benefit from this :)