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For anyone reading this who might not be sure if selling something using "bumps" is right for them, Bumpsale can also be used without "bumps." I think we've built the absolute fastest way to create a sale button for a product using Stripe. It's this easy: 1. Go to Bumpsale.co 2. Click "Start For Free" and login with Stripe 3. Click add button 4. Set the price of your product, set the bump to $0 5. Save and embed the code on your site and start selling!
I've seen a couple of products you launched with this strategy. I'm interested about how did you end doing the first bumpsale product launch? Was it the experiment or an actual strategy? On the side note are you thinking about adding other payment methods since Stripe isn't supported in a lot of countries. I love the product though!
@markoxvee I'll let @iwearyourshirt talk about how Bumpsale came about and how his concept has evolved over time. He's best suited for that :) He wrote a great article on Medium as well that's worth a read if you're interested (https://medium.com/writing-by-ja...). As far as adding additional payment methods, absolutely...we'd love to be able to expand that offering. Stripe was the quickest way for us to get up and running and put the product in front of people so we ran with it to start. Do you have any recommendations for providers you'd be interested in seeing supported?
@markoxvee Hey Marko! The very first use of Bumpsale came with my IWearYourShirt.com business. There was no product there, just selling my t-shirt advertising in a unique way. I needed something to convince the world that they should pay a complete nobody to wear their company's t-shirt for a day. I have to give credit to @chrisyeh who helped me very early on to come up with Bumpsale pricing. I think the first product I sold using Bumpsale pricing came many years later and was the The Bundle of Awesome with the podcast I co-host with @pjrvs. We batted around different ideas for selling a bundle, and it was at the same time I had been thinking about productizing Bumpsale and creating a simple way for other people to use it to sell their stuff. When our bundle launched it took off as I shared in the article @conraddecker linked to on Medium. And yes, we are looking at other payment processors. Stripe just makes things SO easy and companies like Paypal do not. But it is on our product roadmap. :)
Cool concept @iwearyourshirt Big fan of "urgency-creating" models like this one
I've personally used this with Jason and love the product. It's easy and it just works. Glad to see it on PH!
@pjrvs it's fun to think we've generated over $100,000 in revenue using Bumpsale for our various projects/products!
I used this concept at my last launch: manually. Happy to see, there's a automated service now :D