Open web and email links in different browsers/email apps

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Never open Mail on your Mac again 🙌 I got to test this over the past week and it's one of those little apps that makes a difference I didnt know I needed!
@bentossell that sinking feeling when you realise Mail is opening :(
@bentossell I just simply rm mail.app ...
@johnsteerfowler the least welcome beachball of all
Hi everybody! Bumpr is a little project that @thescottostler and I have been working on for a long time. We're happy to finally get it out, but we've been using it every single day since we started and can't get by without it now. Hopefully you'll feel the same! Let us know if you have any questions or thoughts. Cheers!
@bentossell do you have plans to release a version for Windows?
@victoryn @bentossell Not at the moment, sorry!
Hey, Looks awesome. Do you plan to allow users to configure a certain type of link (i.e. localhost) to open a specific browser every time?
@solarsailer Hi Matthieu—we've definitely heard that request and like the idea a lot. In fact, we have a number of other features we wanted to add, but of course we wanted to ship it as soon as we could. More to come!