Bumble Mag

Bumble's new magazine on building happier relationships

Bumble Mag is filled with stories on harnessing your inner power; building stronger, happier relationships; and helping you navigate our frenetic, 24/7 world.
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Everyone's starting a magazine: Uber, Airbnb, Unsplash, now Bumble. I wonder what a quarterly Product Hunt magazine would look like. πŸ€”
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@rrhoover maybe an AI reiterating all the smart things we say in the discussion boards, which could even make it a weekly publication πŸ—ž
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@rrhoover @be_creatv that actually sounds pretty cool and funny
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@rrhoover - Sold! Even better would be a yearly or bi-yearly catalogue.
Where else would they publish pictures of impossibly gorgeous models, in various libidinous attitudes? Eye candy sells, but the app only has pictures of normal people. (Okay, and a few models :D) It makes total sense, from a marketing perspective.
Although it's not something I would consider for myself, I think it's a great idea. Especially for those who utilize the service. Would be the perfect complimentary feature of a paid subscription.