Bumble Bizz

Bumble, the dating app, now with professional networking

Bumble Bizz is LinkedIn meets Tinder. Every swipe is an opportunity to expand your network and make empowering career moves. This new feature is available in the Bumble app.

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Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
It's been years since I tried Bumble, so I'm not very qualified to speak about it, but this is an interesting direction which further differentiates itself from the dating-focused Tinder. Curious to hear from people that have tried Bumble Bizz. 🤔
Steven Rueter
Steven Rueter@rueter · Developer
Get a date, get a friend, get a job. Where is this going?
Maia Bittner
Maia Bittner@maiab · Co-founder
Can you use the Bizz product without Bumble dating? I’ve signed up and flipped through- people seem confused exactly what they’re there for
Marcell@cellus_christie · I help you reach the right ppl 🎯
I'm just really curious how this one will work. With Bumble, you generally sift through hundreds of super hot people to potentially get a conversation with somebody. And this is for average looking people, I can only imagine it be worse for but ugly people lol. (I know Im not super hot but I'm not completely trash either lmao) It definitely starts with higher quality pics than Tinder, but from what me and people I know who have used the app have discovered it seems the engagement rate on the app is nearly non-existent. How will this work in the business arena?
Даша Рощина
Даша Рощина@new_user_ea84a522fd · Product Hunter
The idea is cool