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Mohamed SaidWeb Developer at Laravel
It's 2016, I don't believe developers should care about IE anymore as much as they shouldn't care about someone accessing their website using Nokia 7650, just detect if its IE, show a message to the user, and ask him to do himself a favour and switch to Chrome or Firefox
Jonathan Widawski
Founder @mazedesignhq
Saw it on reddit a few days ago. It's an interesting take on CSS framework because it tackles a lot of the current layout trend. There's only one thing that refrains me from installing it right now : The absolute absence of responsive features (is-visible is-hidden, layout push and pull for grid items...). Without those, it's barely a "responsive" framework in my opinion. Great project nonetheless, I hope to use it someday when it's a bit more mature!
wesvasherUI/UX Designer, Stratos Card
Now we just need a Sketch file.
Noah Kim
Product Design @ FB
@wesvasher for what? It's a framework, not a visual style. You don't design for the framework's UI, you modify the framework to fit your UI.
Ernest Oppetit
PM @ Improbable
Eric NordWeb Developer
Pretty interesting, I might try this out instead of bootstrap for my next project for fun
Vivek Sancheti
Co-Founder CryptoGround.Com
Do all browser support Flexbox? UC browser? I wish to use Bulma but I doubt my audience which is maximum from mobile browsers like UC will it work on it?
@evivz There's always http://caniuse.com
David Ehrentreu
Marketing, design, entrepreneur.
@evivz it is not yet supported by IE as well as others but you can use CSS Next. It's like autoprefixer but with so much more.
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