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Just a heads-up, this company is run by, for lack of a better title, a snake-oil salesman. His "Bulletproof" coffee works, but the benefits he saw from it was when he was simultaneously taking amphetamines. Other companies that offer similar products are http://cavemancoffee.com/coffee-... or https://www.onnit.com/coffee/
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Used to be a fan back when they were only selling the coffee. Now it's just a lot of questionable products.
This bulletproof coffee thing is taking millennials by storm. I'm seeing more and more people swear by it, in a cult like fashion, much like CrossFit. More here from @sarahbuhr, after they just raised $19m.
The science behind his products is valid. I've had good results from their product "Unfair Advantage". I can't speak to the rest of his products, but I would just say to do your research before buying a product from them. Also, most of those products require a strict regimen (take them on time, every day, some with a meal), and an already healthy body for you to see results (meaning that if you out of shape, and have unhealthy habits, you probably won't see a marked impact from these products). *Not an endorsement, but a different perspective*
I've been doing Bulletproof for a few years now. Despite what some may say the products are pretty legit. The product line is growing because the concept behind bulletproof is rooted in biohacking and squeezing the most out of life. Dave constantly keeps tabs on his product formulations, sources, and sustainability standards. My personal advice when I share bulletproof with friends is... know & understand your body, and start slow & small... Afterall, N = 1. I personally address my diet and supplement intake like this... • Essential Nutrients • Brain, Heart, and Cell Food • Digestive and Detox • Mood