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#5 Product of the DayFebruary 22, 2017
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Alana Branston
Alana BranstonMaker@alana_grace
Hey guys! I'm Alana, Co-Founder and CEO of Bulletin. We're building WeWork for Retail Space. Any business can lease space in one of our stores and start selling their products IRL in 5 days or less. We started Bulletin because we knew it was really difficult for cool, new brands to get their products in stores. Pitching retailers or doing pop ups is super time consuming and expensive. We wanted to make selling in person as turnkey and flexible as selling online. So we built a platform that allows brands to share the cost of a store. Brands pay a flat monthly fee and get access to space at one of our stores. They're able to see sales in real time and can even chat with our retail staff to get customer feedback. Brands can also pay to have an iPad in their space so they can push content like lookbooks, tutorial videos, instagram feed, etc. We have 2 actives stores in NYC right now and are opening more category specific stores in the future. We're ALWAYS looking for cool products to put in our stores. If you make any kind of physical product, feel free to apply! Happy to answer any questions. :)
Gustaf Alströmer
Gustaf Alströmer@gustaf · Partner, Y Combinator
@alana_grace Congrats on the launch!!
Alana Branston
Alana BranstonMaker@alana_grace
@gustaf Thanks Gustaf!
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Love this concept. The feedback loops for physical goods takes far too long, especially for startups. Distribution is also very difficult, especially for indie makers. What cities are you planning to expand to next, @alana_grace?
Alana Branston
Alana BranstonMaker@alana_grace
@rrhoover Hi Ryan! After NYC, we've definitely seen the most demand from LA. We also get a lot of applications from SF, Austin, Toronto and London.
Brad Wolff
Brad Wolff@brad_wolff · Business Honors & Finance at UT-Austin
When I read "WeWork for Retail Space" and selling products IRL in 5 days, I thought you were getting them temporary retail locations (a real estate company in a way). Essentially, you are a glorified consignment store?
Alana Branston
Alana BranstonMaker@alana_grace
@brad_wolff Our sharing model makes us different from a traditional real estate company but, like a consignment store, we don't actually own any inventory.
Rustin Rassoli
Rustin Rassoli@rustinrassoli · 16 Year Old Founder & CEO, Greetale
Excited to see this grow!
Ali Kriegsman
Ali KriegsmanMaker@ali_kriegsman · COO @ Bulletin
@rustinrassoli Thank you!
Lassuyt Christophe
Lassuyt Christophe@lassuytchristop · moneytis co-founder
love this concept
Alana Branston
Alana BranstonMaker@alana_grace
@lassuytchristop Thank you Lassuyt!