Bullet Journal

An analog note-taking system for the digital age

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2 Reviews5.0/5
Janine Sickmeyer
Founder | Mom of 4 | Angel Investor
I love my Moleskines and Baron Fig journal but the key to great organization is an epic note-taking system. Bullet Journal is my go-to method for taking notes and organizing my day-to-day.
Alex BushAuthor of http://iosinterviewguide.com/
I went full circle from analog inbox-note taking-folder organizing-GTD system to full on Things and OmniFocus solutions. Now I'm trying the bullet journal.... seems promising so far.
Giacomo Lawrance
Author of thenerdystudent.com
Love this for my Moleskine.
I've become a recent convert. The bullet journal system is a robust organizational tool that's simple enough to rely on every day without burning out.