A new year, a new todo app - based on bullet journaling.

#4 Product of the DayJanuary 07, 2020
Bullet is a free todo app and calendar based off the bullet journal method, which has become a worldwide success. Bullet makes planning your day, week and month a piece of cake.
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Would suggest having a demo or sample to play around with before having to signup. Or, ideally, just start using and then 'save' to an account.
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Hi hunters! Last year I started bullet journaling - an analog framework for writing journals that keeps things organized and easy to access. I found that it was useful for some things but wanted a digital version for my tasks and a few other things. So, over a week and a half when I *should* have been enjoying Christmas and New Years, I was having loads of fun building this out instead. It syncs to the cloud and it works offline too :D For the nerds: The app is built in Vue.js with Firebase as a serverless backend, and Vuetify as a component library. This combo made developing an absolute dream as it meant I can focus on making, rather than preparing, it also made turning it into a PWA a piece of cake. I've also used products from fellow makers in this build. I used Ouch! Illustrations for the illustrations on my front page (have had many compliments on these already) - Thanks @visualpharm! I also used Terms & Conditions Generator by iubenda which made making my T&C's and Privacy Policy a breeze. Thanks @facens!
Just created an account out of curiosity, currently using todoist as my main todo tool. First thing I miss is categorisation or labeling of some sorts. Really like the idea though.
@richard_ramcharan Thanks! Have added it to the roadmap. Do you mean like being able to tag things?
@hamish_johnson Indeed. If for example I would set 2 goals for a year, 1. Read 5 books on product management by the end of 2020. 2. Be able to do 120 pushups in a row by the end of 2020 I would like to break these down into monthly and weekly goals. and tag each daily task so that I know which goal they relate to, kind of like tasks and subtasks, but then spreak over time units... Hope it makes sense :) (Additionally in the yearly view you could have milestones or a meter that shows the percentage complete of the yearly goal)
@richard_ramcharan interesting - I think a simplistic tagging solution could work for now and maybe there's a more convenient way to do this in the future
It's good. I like the segregation of weekly tasks from daily ones. I think a demo video before signing up will help people get an idea about Bullet so that they know how to work with it and then decide to join.
@asma_mohammed That's a popular feature request! I'll add it.
Great app! I was just looking for something exactly like this. Some feedback below; - there are too many "+" icons. I got really confused where should I create tasks first? - why I am able to create tasks for yesterday? - a new tab page extension would be GREAT! please reach me if you want to talk more about it! Kudos!
@nucro Thanks for the suggestions! 1. I should auto create some initial tasks as a demo. 2. Well the entries can be tasks, events or notes. You might want to add a note for the day previously for the sake of journaling. 3. What do you mean by this? Would love to hear! Cheers :)
@hamish_johnson for 3, I don't want to share another app for false advertisement but what I meant is, something like when you open a new tab page in Chrome, Bullet shows up.
@nucro Gotcha, yeah I can see that being useful