bulk-mail CLI

Do hassle-free email marketing with this powerful tool 🔥

Ever felt a quick need to shoot a fabulous mail to your subscribers? Without any inconvenience of creating complex campaigns with MailChimp and MailGun? Just open your terminal, input the CSV and HTML file with dynamic text, and just shoot the mails!

Hope you ❤️ bulk-mail-cli

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Hi Product Hunt! I'm 15 year old JavaScript developer, and launched bulk-mail-cli to gain feedbacks. bulk-mail-cli helps me send quick emails to all Users on my WordPress blog. What's your use case? FEEDBACKS HIGHLY APPRECIATED ❤️
Looks like a great tool. Do you get any kind of insights after sending your mail out? Thank you for submitting this @kumar_abhirup
@sam_buttschaft The insight you'll get is: to what emails is the mail sent. I'm working for more insights 😃
Sounds good! I will try it out