Bulk Delete

Quickly clean up your iOS camera roll

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This has always been a big problem for my photo workflow. Currently I use Dropbox (and not iPhoto) to import photos from my camera. Dropbox imports them, but doesn't delete everything from my camera roll. To get around this I currently use the Image Capture utility on OSX to delete everything off my camera. I'll check this one out.
Drew and I have been talking about a photo management utility since iOS 7. It has always been such a pain to go through and clean up your camera roll so we knew this needed to exist. When iOS 8 presented the Photos Framework we started developing an easy way to mass remove duplicate, blurry, or unneeded photos. We created Bulk Delete.
@chrismessina they both delete photos from your camera roll, but Bulk Delete is an app to delete many things at once. The idea is to not need to spend much time in the app. You can bulk delete photos based on time, like phots taken today or this month, or even you whole library. And you can tap and drag to select large groups of photos as well. So Bulk Delete's focus is on the speed of deleting things.
Filled a major gap in my iOS photo workflow. Thank you!
i see the app trending in the app store. so i tried it ;) but there is 1 problem this app is not solving and i expected to solve: the deletion is not complete. it still requires to go to "deleted folder" and delete the photos again