Share Bukowski poetry snippets with your team via Slack .

A simple Slack app that allows you to share Bukowski poetry snippets with your team.

The concept of the app is to provide an alternative way of reading poetry,

to make poetry more accessible by providing smaller snippets which can be read in less than a minute.

  • Robin Guldener
    Robin GuldenerCPO at Avrios

    Really fun


    It's bukowski - not always politically correct ;)

    Really cool bot which went viral in our Slack!

    Robin Guldener has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Great alternative to Giphy, for those that rather read than watch


    Not everyone likes Poetry, whereas everyone loves cute cat gifs

    It's fun to use since a lot of the snippets put certain situations into a new light

    Joel Bolso has used this product for one month.
Not everyone likes poetry, but I'm so gonna add this to our team slack😸💯great job, Wouter!
I love this concept with great intensity lol