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Thanks for hunting @bramk! Hey product hunters! As big advocates of no-code movement, we have decided to demonstrate how powerful and beautiful can web and mobile apps built without a single line of code be. And for that reason we have put together this collection of products built without coding. Most of them are built on Bubble - a revolutionary platform that allows building web and mobile applications visually. It’s easier, faster and more fun to build apps without writing code. So if you have a great idea, but no coding skills and no tech co-founder, then probably this is the way to go! Enjoy :) I’ll be around all day to answer your comments and questions. Thanks, Levon.
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@levon377 When you say most are built on Bubble, what are the other ones built on?
@jonasbjornsson There are some Android apps that use Android Studio but they also wrap the page built on Bubble. So Bubble is the main no-code technology there with some exceptions when it comes bundled with something else.
Way to go Levon!
Bubble is an awesome platform... I think Google should buy them and really democratize coding. The BubbleWits team are really pushing this community forward... Kudos @levon377 and team!
@lekanb hope not! Not all good ideas need to end in their hands.
@jonlozanoh True. I understand your point. Though... I see something like this happening soon with Swift from Apple, Zoho Apps Creator, Microsoft PowerApps, Creo Labs and others... This feels like the next layer of abstraction. Bubble is ahead of the curve.
@lekanb indeed. Don't get me wrong. I am a Bubble user and I do hope these type of tools get traction. But I am worried that if acquired or invested things may change(and not for good). Emmanuel and Josh are doing a great job and the community is amazing. Hope it stays that way :)
An excellent showcase for the power of #nocode - not just Bubble but all the other amazing tools that free people with ideas from the tyranny of "coders" ;-) http://www.builtwithnocode.com/
Love this... now I just gotta think of some awesome idea to build 🤔
@craigjbarber exactly! The competitive edge should be defined by ideas and not by our coding skills :) Thanks!