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Is aimed at business users who want to create IFTTT-like integrations between applications like Cisco Spark, Slack, Gmail, Marketo and Salesforce. Built.io Flow Express helps people without coding skills connect the apps, services, and devices they use every day to automate powerful workflows.
I've always been a big IFTTT fan and struggled lately with implementing it for some of the more complex tools for customers so I'm excited to give it a try.
Thanks Kevin. This is our first time on Product Hunt. Excited to be joining the community!
@nehasf great work! have been following this space and seems like you have the best thing out there. good stuff. One question, how do you compare to Zapier? I also heard of some smaller players like celigo etc
@evankimbrell: Zapier is a great tool as well. Whether you use Zapier, IFTTT or Built.io Flow Express, there quickly comes a time when you need to enable workflows that are not as trivial or linear. Business processes often are more akin to "If this, but if not this, do these two things in parallel and update several systems based on custom business rules, perhaps even behind a firewall". Built.io Flow Express is the on-ramp to automation in our world. No code. Point-and-click. With Built.io Flow Enterprise, you can continue to add functionality and integrations to map out more sophisticated workflows, all the way to powering a completely connected arena, as an example.
@baierfire Interesting. Thank you for explaining that. It's true that a lot of the IFTTT and Zapier recipes end up being "dumb" because they can't use multiple conditionals.
I thought that's what Zapier was going for