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While other companies attempt to help homeowners find the best professionals by hand-vetting them and relying on customer reviews and other info, BuildZoom analyzes more than 50 million construction permits to figure out the best contractors for a job. The idea here is that construction permits and past history should be the most objective way to profile contractors. BuildZoom also lets its customers rate and review the contractors they work with so that it can provide data such as how pleasant or on time they were, customer service, and so on.
@kwdinc Angieslist already has the customer reviews part. Wonder what would stop them from incorporating the construction permits part (which I assume is freely available)?
@kwdinc Where does this data come from? Public permit only? How is this different from what Porch does?
Pretty useful! We started our basement renovation estimated 4-5 weeks ago the "major" things are done for the most part, but this contractor is now nickeling and diming us. We are looking for a new contractor and found these guys . They seem to be great contractors.