Install hidden iOS apps in just one tap without jailbreaking

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I've seen something like this before, but as far as I know that distribution scheme violates Apple's terms. How do you protect users and developers from Apple's penalties?
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@frostaloha we have responsive and reliable support team, easy account re-activation if something get broken and user-friendly refunds policies. Also, we use only devs' code base, not identities, so we keep devs far from Apple's eyes. And we don't allow to publish or download any illegal or scam stuff (porn, violent or malware content): we check every app before publishing and we have strong relations to the developers, avoiding such kind of risks from users.
Curious to hear from those that have tried this.
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@rrhoover me too. Just looked at Spotify++ and if they are blocking ads while gaining financially from it via their yearly subscription you better believe they'll be coming after them for loss of profit.
@rrhoover Ryan, you are welcome to try it yourself, or join our community, take a look @builds_io on Twitter! I'm founder at We are here for >3 years, helping developers of great 'secret' apps meet users who want more from theirs iDevices. Diamonds of our store are retro console emulators.
@rrhoover i've had a subscription for a few years. the process is clean and rock solid. never had any issues with installing the profiles or the apps. i've checked out other options but this seems and feels the most legit. have no complaints. also i might mention that i have a free Apple Developer account to sideload apps and have never had my certificate revoked. i feel completely safe with Builds.
@rrhoover I installed the certificate and some 5-6 apps - they all work as expected. My only concern is for how long.
@rrhoover I've been a user for almost a full year. Totally worth the price. I use it for youtube++ mostly since it allows you to play youtube videos in the background (to hear the audio) even when your screen is locked.
Is it compatible with Apple TV 3?
@meni_beleli Yup, you can use airplay to stream normally.
It would be interesting if this works. I have jailbroken in the past, but I've had bad results.
@gabriel__lewis so have i, so far builds has been the best way to get the apps (emulators) i've found yet.
@gabriel__lewis Definitely works. I've been using it for almost a year and love it!
These things work by installing an enterprise iOS deployment profile on your device, which allows anything signed by the developer to be installed. Once Apple finds out about this, they will simply revoke the certificate -- at that point, either you won't be able to install anything else (at best), or all your existing downloads from this developer will cease to function (at worst). You shouldn't need to pay for something like this if you're a registered iOS developer ($99/year) -- it's pretty simple to re-codesign any of these tweaks or Cydia apps for the non-jailbreak world using standard tools like Xcode. Information is freely available if you know where to look.
@yozzozo you are partially wrong, because we don't ever use enterprise accounts)
@v_ignatyev whatever method you use, it's not possible for unmodified iOS to run unsigned code, and I know Apple didn't sign those tweaked apps. So at some point, a certificate is involved which can be easily revoked by Apple. It's far easier and cheaper to simply jailbreak and install stuff via Cydia. The new Yalu jailbreak should be available soon on more devices.
@yozzozo iOS don't run unsigned code, it is well signed on our side. Look, I know you're JB fan. In recent years I've turned 2 my phones into bricks thanks to JB. It is only one side. Another side is that with JB you'll be forever behind latest iOS updates. It is too high price for few apps I'd like to have! All of these problems solved pretty fine with and by the nice team behind it!
@v_ignatyev @yozzozo What do you mean by "I've turned 2 my phones into bricks thanks to JB" ? You can't even brick it