Great continuous integration for software development teams

Mads Cordes
Artur Trzop
  • Pros: 

    Once you get into it, it's pretty intuiitive, and love the fact that it's running locally, but with an extern GUI 😎


    Learning curve, and cannot use yaml for everything.

    Oh, and, the pricing is amazing! 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑:money-mouth:

    Mads Cordes has used this product for one month.
I've been using Buildkite for a few months now and it's pretty damn awesome. Buildkite is a CI service but instead of them running your tests, you run the tests on your own "worker" machines and Buildkite is the main backend / UI. I think I said it correctly. Maybe we could get @keithpitt and @toolmantim in here for some questions? :)